RJ Harrigan is from Massachusetts and has been a writer in various forms his whole life. It began with poetry in 4th grade, then short stories in middle school.

In high school, poetry changed to hip hop and after graduation, he pursued a rap career, rocking shows from Boston to California.

However, outside of performing music, he was homeless and barely surviving.

After deciding enough was enough, he joined the Navy, where he got married to his lovely wife, Ashley, and became a father to her daughter.

Sadly, his Navy career was cut short.

The Navy released him (honorably) in December, 2012 and by January, 2013 he was enrolled in college where he got his master’s degree in English. He continued rapping, and met some of his idols, most notably Ice T at Bunker Hill Community College.

Now, he teaches English Composition and returned to his roots in poetry and storytelling (though now he writes novels instead of short stories). He finished his first full-length novel, a memoir of his crazy life pursuing a rap career, in 2018.

His first fiction novel “A Rose For Isabel” was finished in 2020, and will be released February 2021. You can read the first 3 chapters for FREE