Men and women shouldn’t work together

Let’s be honest — having a penis is challenging in modern society. No woman will ever truly understand what it is like to have one, just as no man will ever truly understand what it’s like to go through PMS or pregnancy.

However, every guy (regardless of how much he wants to disagree with me to virtue signal) knows what it is like to see a beautiful woman and have thoughts.

I don’t care how nice you think your male friend is (and ladies you know this is true), but if he is straight, and if you’re at least somewhat attractive, he has thought about being inside you.

What some of you may not know is how often he has a sexual thought about you. Spoiler alert — it’s alarming.

Pretty much everything your male friend says to you is him trying very hard to not say what he really wants to say to you.

The same thing applies to coworkers.

“Having women work with men is like having a grizzly bear work with salmon dipped in honey.” — Patrice O’Neal.

I’m not saying men and women CAN’T work together, let’s be very clear about that. We’re an intelligent species capable of suppressing urges and filtering speech. I’m saying they shouldn’t work together, and here’s why.

Women are a distraction to men.

Men are an unbelievable asset, specifically in manual labor positions due to our physical genetics. We’re also risk takers and are willing to literally work ourselves to death.

However, with women around, our concentration is split between the job and that ass.

Now, you might be thinking, “Well then, clearly men are the problem and they should learn to keep it in their pants.”

Of course, this sounds logical to women because as stated above, they have no idea what it’s like to have a penis.

That would be like me telling a woman in labor to just learn to stop having contractions. Sure, she can do her best to breathe through the pain, but she can’t ignore it. Men can “breathe” through our horny thoughts, but they’re still there.

Sex is a biological function, and if you take a look at the mating habits of almost every species, the male of the species acts very different when females are around. For some there are mating seasons, and others it is just whenever a female is nearby. Humans fall into the “whenever” category.

People spend so much time at work these days. Many people see their coworkers more than their spouses. What is the percentage of failed marriages? Almost 70%.

The top 3 reasons for divorces are:

  • Lack of commitment
  • Argue too much
  • Infidelity

I think it is safe to say that at least 2 of these (probably all 3) would be greatly reduced if men and women didn’t work together.

How great would it be to go home to your spouse of the opposite sex after spending all day with the same sex?

Look, I’m not saying women shouldn’t be allowed to work. I’m not saying they should be in the kitchen or at home with the kids (at least not in this article), but I am stating that having men and women work in the same office space is not the most productive way to do business.

Take it for what it’s worth. There are other biological functions that exist but we don’t address out loud.

Everyone poops. Everyone pees.

And every guy has imagined bending a female coworker over her desk and rocking her so hard they knock the cubicle walls down.

But hey, let’s just go on pretending.

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