Project Rebearth


You’ve undoubtedly heard about the feminist movement. I want to ask you to do something. Put your feelings about it aside for a moment. Whether you support it or despise it, put those feelings aside. Ask yourself this question instead. Why does it exist?

Clearly, there was an issue. Why would women fight to vote, to work, to drive, etc.? Wouldn’t it be better to not care or participate in politics? wouldn’t it be better to not work? Wouldn’t it be better to not drive, but get chauffeured around? Sounds like they had a good deal, no? So, why would women give all that up – leave the world of women – to play in the world of men?

I’ll tell you why. Because men fucked up.

To understand how, I must take a moment to explain to role of men and women.

In its simplest form, masculinity and femininity can be broken down into binary. ones and zeroes.


Now, that doesn’t mean 0 is less than 1 in worth. Here, we’re talking about active and passive.

The active can not exist without the passive, and vice versa. How would you know something is moving if not for the unmoving to compare it to?

Masculinity creates change by moving. We’re physical by nature. That’s why we’re physically strong.

Femininity creates change by not moving. They’re emotional by nature. That’s why they’re emotionally strong.

A woman’s emotional strength leaves me awestruck. Their ability to move people without lifting a finger is mind blowing. Fellas, how many times have you done something for a woman without her even having to ask?

Let’s address the obvious and the ugliest form of masculinity.

Yes, if we wanted to, we could literally lock women in cages and make them our sex slaves because we’re stronger physically and they couldn’t do much (without the help of other men) to stop us. That is why they fear us. They think this is what we want, or what we’ll do.

Why do they think this? Mostly because of media, because as usual the media highlights negative stories and makes it seem as if the minority is the majority. However, it is also because there are some evil men out there who do exist and unfortunately treat women this way.

However, the beautiful thing about nature is that it has built in a mechanism that makes most men, I’d venture to say 99% of us, need women to want us. Locking women up and sexually abusing them is repulsive to me. It is repulsive to most men. I need a woman to desire me for me to be into it.

Nature gave men strength, but fragile egos for a reason. A deflated ego is a deflated man. And women do not want a deflated man when a man is needed, so it is in their best interest to keep a man’s ego up.

On the flip side, nature gave women emotional strength, but they’re physically fragile for a reason. A physically abused woman is a deflated woman. She loses her ability to love/nurture. And men do not want a deflated woman when a woman is needed, so it is in our best interest to protect our women.

So, where did we fuck up?

We took our women for granted.

The thing about being masculine, or active, is we get all the glory. However, we couldn’t achieve anything without the passive role of women. If they weren’t willing to take the back seat, or work behind the curtains sort of speak, then we’d be nothing.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped showing our appreciation for our women and started viewing them as less than us. Men in the 50’s and 60’s notoriously “worked late” and cheated on their wives. Loyalty to your woman is one of the biggest ways to show appreciation for your wife’s passivity.

Imagine being a woman at home with the kids. Imagine cooking and cleaning all day, making sure your house is a home. Imagine feeling proud to do your part in the family and happy to have a good man out there facing the world so he can come home to his family and spend a loving evening together.

Now, imagine that man doesn’t come home. Imagine he cheats. Imagine him finally coming home and never saying “thank you” for all the wonderful things you’ve done for him, the house, and the family.

That would make you angry, would it not?

That’s what happened. Now, who knows how many good men and women there were in comparison, but what we do know is there was enough unhappy ones to decide to speak out.

The feminist movement came out of a cry for help. And like all movements, they generally go too far, but that’s another topic for another time.

What do we do now?

Gentlemen, we have to restore the balance. It starts with us. We must reclaim our masculinity! Once we step back into the active role, our women will happily return to their nature. However, the most important thing we must do is let our women know we will be better. We must behave as men and treat our women with respect and appreciation. We are nothing without them, and they are nothing without us.

I am still working on the plan, but this is the root of Project RebEarth (Rebuild Earth). It starts with the self. Then the home, the community, and the world!

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