3 Odd Compliments That Will Make Her Love You More

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Do you have any idea how many times per day a woman is complimented on her looks? I don’t know either, but I assume it’s in the gazillions!

I’ve been with my wife for 11 years (this September). Over the years I’ve learned a few things from studying her reactions. Don’t get me wrong, she likes hearing she’s beautiful, especially when we’re going out and she spent two hours in the bathroom getting ready. 

However, on a random day when I say, “Hey love? You’re beautiful.” with a smile, she’ll smile and thank me, then continue with whatever she was doing.

Once in awhile, I’ll say something that catches her off guard and captures her full attention. When you have her full attention, that’s your opportunity to woo. 

Here are 3 odd compliments I’ve said to my wife that has made her love me more.

1: You have the most perfectly shaped head

You want to stop her in her tracks? Compliment the shape of her head. I can almost guarantee she has never heard that one before. Here’s why it works.

 — It’s clearly odd. Who the hell compliments someone’s head? However, it still is (sort of) calling her beautiful. Having a perfectly shaped head is a sign of beauty since we naturally love symmetry

 — It’s funny. One component of humor is catching people off guard. That’s what makes a joke funny. If you could predict the punch line, you wouldn’t laugh, or at least not as hard. Make her laugh and you’re golden!

 — She’ll feel special. It’s an odd compliment, but it’s still a compliment. She’s heard the words “pretty” and “beautiful” so much. They probably don’t do much for her self-esteem anymore. However, having a perfectly shaped head could give her a little confidence boost.

2: I admire how emotionally invested you get

This will certainly need an explanation, which is good because she will give you her undivided attention. 

When my wife is watching a show, movie, or listening to someone talk, her facial expressions are pure entertainment!

I wish I could care about anything as much as my wife seems to care about everything.

This compliment is great for a few reasons.

 — It’s attention-grabbing. As I said, she will certainly ask you to explain. As I said before that, getting her full attention is the goal because you now have the opportunity to woo. And woo her you will by saying how much you admire her for being her.

 — It’s intimate. This compliment implies you’ve been paying close attention to her. While any guy can see a pretty face, it takes time to learn about the little intricacies that makes us each unique. She will love you for taking the time.

3: I could watch you do Sudokus all day

My wife loves puzzles. Pictures, words, or numbers, she can sit for hours and solve these things. 

Not I. Give me a crossword puzzle and after two minutes of not knowing an answer, I’m flipping to the funny pages.

I am genuinely amazed by how good she is at solving puzzles. She has been doing them for so long that she can solve them quickly. Here’s why this is a great compliment.

 — You’re showing interest in her interest. It means a lot to be appreciated for what we do. I’m a writer. If she likes my words, I melt. She’s a photographer, and I absolutely love her photos. Her other passion is puzzles. Telling her she’s good at puzzles is just reaffirming what she already knows, but it feels good to hear it from someone else.

These are 3 odd compliments that will make her love you more. Tailor them specifically to your lady. If she doesn’t do puzzles, obviously don’t tell her she’s amazing at puzzles. Admire her specific passion.

Don’t be afraid to toss in the compliments over her physical features. The classics are classics for a reason, but to keep things interesting, dig a little deeper and find the oddities that make her unique. Those, after all, are the reasons why we fall in love in the first place.

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