In an ideal world

This is beautiful


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In an ideal world, I’d live alone.

Perhaps, I’d share a small home

with a few people I choose to know,

and we’d live together in the afterglow.


In an ideal world, they’d be no fools,

who’d kill over earthly jewels,

no men of pride and soulless tools,

no vengeance or staggering rules.


In an ideal world, I wouldn’t stay,

I’d fly through the heavens ‘till I find my place.

The night won’t scare me.

The dark won’t speak.

Shadows won’t linger

by my bedsheets.


I’d wake up before the sun,

n’ recite the words of God 

before I hold my breath

to listen to the trees

sing to the wind’s melody.


I’d glue my eyes shut

and my eyelids would tremble 

as I watch their branches dance

along with the devil.

“They live just like me.”


 I’d watch the sun come up,

 holding my…

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